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Originally Published on: August 8th, 2018
Received my ATS Pneumatic Squeezer kit and boy, that's an amazing addition to my toolbox. I can easily see myself saving months of work on dimpling and riveting. I came with the two yokes in the image below but I also got a 5 inch one to make sure it will reach everywhere so I can use it as much as possible.
I just wish someone had told me before that the squeezer does not come with an adjustable ram. There's no way to adjust the space between the die sets. As a little workaround, I was using regular washers in the die sets to create the correct amount of spacing needed. I bought an adjustable set holder. This should come in the kit in the first place, can't see anyone using this tool without it.
I also received the tungsten bucking bar and now that I have played with it a little I can say that all the buzz around it is worth it. This thing is amazing and I'll for sure use it wherever I can't use the squeezer.
I think I'm almost ready! I'll start working on my wing section training kits and getting ready to place my empennage kit order!