My RV-8

Empennage Arrived!

Published on: August 25th, 2018

Time Spent: 4.5h

Finally the day has come! I was expecting to receive on August 23rd, which was also my birthday, making the perfect birthday gift but off course the boxes were held by CBSA for customs and it took me a day to have Fedex clear the customs for me. They charged me $10 CAD to clear the packages, so not bad at all.
With that little delay, I received the package on August 24th, 2018. As you can see in the image above Fedex was not very careful with the package but Van's did a good job securing the contents and it did not cause any damage. Now what I did not like is the amount of duct tape they used to secure things inside the box, when removing the duct tape I ended tearing the blue protection plastic for several parts.
I am concerned about the vertical stabilizer skin. I don't know how but the tape that was supposed to hold it in the box was partially removed, like if someone pulled hard the tape and this is how it looks like:
It looks ugly but it seems that is only the glue from the tape. With the exception of the perfectly straight line scratch. I'll try to clean the part with soap and water to remove the glue. If this is really a scratch I'll contact Van's about it.
I finished unpacking everything and doing the inventory. The only thing missing is a $0.20 nut that honestly unless I have to ask for a new VS skin I won't bother. I have to buy some stuff from Aircraft Spruce, I'll just order the nut from them. Don't want Van's paying the expensive international shipping because of $0.20!
I was planning to start working on it TODAY! But first I'll read the instructions again 100 times and watch hours of youtube videos because I'm scared as hell of making mistakes LOL
Plus, is bday celebration time! See you all at the bar!