My RV-8

Starting Vertical Stabilizer

Published: August 18th, 2019

Time Spent: 3:30h

I sent an email to MDRA to ask about the rear spar on the HS, but I did find a few posts on Van's Air Force website saying that they had to wait for the inspection before they could rivet the rear spar so I decided to do the same, clecoed it together, hanged in the wall and started working on the VS.
I honestly don't know why they don't start the project with the vertical stabilizer. It is much simpler than the horizontal stabilizer. This one won't take me anywhere close to what the HS took. Only challenge with this one was to cleco the skin by myself. An extra set of hands would have saved me a lot of time. Ready to match drill, but unfortunately its too late at night now to use the air compressor so I decided to call it a day.