My RV-8

Rudder - And yet another mistake

Published: September 25th

Time Spent: 10:30h

Alright. I started working on the rudder, first step was to build the stiffeners.
Marking where to cut
Then I spent a lot of time just cutting the blue protection plastic as I did not wanted to totally remove it
Special Attention to my little helper sleeping on her own couch
The plans called for back riveting. I tried, I messed up, I tried again, I messed up again. Then while drilling out the rivet already frustrated I managed to really mess up and open a new hole in the stiffener
As you can see, I also managed to ruin the second (and third and fifth) holes. The hole on the skins was also too big after drilling out rivets for the 3rd time. I ordered new stiffeners from Van's and some Oops rivets so I did not have to buy a new skin too. I drilled the 4 holes I messed up to #30.
By then I gave up and started to rivet using the bucking bar. I was not super happy with the results on the skin so I decided to fix the main issue that was causing the back riveting to not work:
Yeah. The white cap was hitting the curve of the stiffener and screwing my rivets, so I got rid of a part of it to give enough clearance. After doing this I managed to finish one side of the skin using back riveting. Will work on the other side soon.
Can you tell which ones are Oops rivets?
Oh... yeah.. Another important fact: I decided I won't be priming anymore. With the exception of the mandatory stuff, of course. The rattle can was expensive, was a lot of time to prepare the surface and prime and I was not happy with the quality, it was scratching super easy when I was riveting.