My RV-8

Right Elevator

Published: December 8th

Time Spent: 26h

As usual I'm not taking the time to do daily detailed posts here. Using this blog really just to keep track of the time spent. For more details check my instagram (instagram.com/wkndflyer) stories.
Now, I got to say, to rivet the last rivet between the skin and E-709 or E-704 was a pain in the ass. I did not have any bucking bar small enough to fit there. I was literally using an iron L bracket that I found on my garage as a bucking bar. It took 10x longer than it takes with an actual bucking bar but it did work. Also the rivet that goes between E-703, E-713 and the skin was called out in the plans to be a 3-4.5 but that turned out to be too small for me. Possibly because of the extra thickness introduced by the primer (I primed those parts because of the contact with the lead counterbalance weight). Since I did not have a 3-5 I had to drill it to a #30 and use a 4-5 instead.