My RV-8

More Rudder and Wings arrived!

Published: November 7th

Time Spent: 15h

Yeah... I know.. I've been doing an awful job at keeping this blog up to date. Honestly between building and sitting in front of the computer, I rather build.
I am doing a much better job documenting what I'm doing, how I am doing and my mistakes using Instagram Stories: https://www.instagram.com/wkndflyer/ - It's all saved as a highlight on my profile.
Anyway.. I've been working as much as I can and not as much as I wanted to. But pacing is picking up in the last few days. Specially since I received my wing kit!! Now I'm super excited to finish the tail soon and start working on my wings.
The rudder has been super straightforward so far. I'm super happy that my rivets are starting to come up much better and I'm finally starting to get some confidence on my work. Two things that I believe are worth mentioning here: first that only now I found out that the plans actually tell you the direction you have to place the rivets. They say "Rivet XXX Part X to Part Y" which is the direction you have to place the rivet so your manufactured heads are in the right place. I did not noticed that until now. Second, the rudder horn, I thought that would be a big challenge to rivet but thanks to this blog post from Bryan Raley setting up those rivets were a breeze!