My RV-8

Horizontal Stabilizer - Right Side and Ordered Wings!

Published: August 17th

Time Spent: 3h

Continuing the work on the horizontal stabilizer, last time I finished doing the left side, this time I finished the right side. No surprises, just a pain to rivet the first few rivets close to the leading edge. Thankfully I had my wife's help, can't see anyone doing these rivets alone.
Next step would be to rivet the rear spar, which you can see with the clecos in the image above. At this point I decided to stop to do some research. The thing is that the canadian MD-RA asks to see every rivet, I can't close any section before they review my work, because of that I've done only the top skin, the bottom one is not riveted in place in order to let them see everything. If I rivet the rear spar, it will be really difficult for me to rivet the front-spar and the HS-708 parts later on since the rear spar will be riveted in place. And if I don't rivet the rear spar at all I don't know if the MD-RA will complain that they will want to see the HS one more time. I'll do some research and/or contact MD-RA before I do anything.
One last news, I placed the order on my Wings this week! I know I mentioned in another post that I was considering getting the quick-build since I don't have enough time to work on everything but my bank account did not agreed with that plan so I got the slow build. I'm not close to finish the empennage, but Van's said it will be 8 to 10 weeks before they ship the wings, so it was time to order.