My RV-8

Horizontal Stabilizer

Time Spent: 5h

Hey, I've been not keeping this blog up to date in real time but yeah, I've been working on the project.
My goal was to work at least 1h a day during the week and then weekends for as long as I could. But a really bad flu kind of messed up my plans, but still I managed to put some work to it. I finished deburring all the skeleton and skins for the entire horizontal stabilizer and I'm now half way through the dimpling.
For the holes in the innermost part of the skin I could not reach with either the pneumatic squeezer (a godsend by the way, worth every penny) nor the C-frame so I had to buy these: https://www.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/topages/popgripdimp.php?clickkey=9213
I'm committed to always using the right tool for the job instead of trying to do some workaround and then ruin an entire part.
I've been posting way more regular, usually daily updates with videos of the construction progress on my instagram so if you do have an instagram account check it out at: http://instagram.com/wkndflyer