My RV-8

Back at it after a break

Published: November 14th, 2018

Time Spent: 8h

OK. Life is finally getting back to normal and that means I can focus on building again.
Nothing major happened since I was out. Still working on the horizontal stabilizer. I'll take some pictures this week to post. I'm at the point to start match drilling the skin in the left side of the horizontal stabilizer and get it ready to start riveting. Unfortunately, I cannot completely close it yet because of the MD-RA inspection requirements.
And talking about MD-RA, after almost a month of wait I finally heard back from them and my file is officially open on their system. By chance, I actually met the MD-RA inspector during a meeting from our local flying club. I'll probably bite the bullet and pay him to come to review the empennage section when it's done before starting the next kit to make sure I'm doing everything right.
With the canadian winter upon us I expect I'll have more time to focus on building now. But the cold and snow brings me another challenge, where to prime the parts. I'll prime just where it's mandatory and where parts meet each other, but still, that means I need a place to prime. It's definitely not safe to do on my basement so I may end up paying to rent our local RAA chapter hangar during the winter months.