My RV-8

And the riveting starts

Published: August 13th. 2019

Time Spent: 14h

This post is actually the combination of 5 days of work. I honestly was a little disappointed with myself since I did find some mistakes along the way while I tried to rivet. For instance, in a previous post I mentioned that I had done a mistake and had to enlarge a hole to #30. It turns out that hole, and the other 4 holes around it were actually supposed to be #30 so I had to enlarge those holes after I had already prepared all parts and primed. There were a few holes where I could not fit the rivet too even thought I did match drilled before and so I had to match drill again. These I'm pretty sure it was caused by a lot of primer getting into the hole and decreasing them.
At this point I have the left side of the Horizontal Stabilizer done and I'm working on the right one. I closed the top side of the skin and left the bottom side open for the MD-RA inspection.
I wish all rivets were so easy as the blind rivets that go inside the horizontal stabilizer