My RV-8

My RV-8

Welcome to my journey to build a Van's Aircraft RV-8
Welcome to my builder log website!
My name is Felipe and I'm originally from Brazil, so excuse my poor grammar, but I'm currently living in the cold lands of Winnipeg Calgary, Canada. I hold a private pilot license and I love doing aerobatics in my local flight school Citabria, the airplane which I've done all my flight training, as since day 1 I always wanted to fly tailwheels.
I decided that I wanted to build my own airplane. A decision that I always thought would have a lot of pushback from family friends but I guess everyone already thinks I'm crazy so to my own surprise was somewhat well received with just a few comments of: "I would never fly something that you've built yourself!". Once the decision was made to build an airplane it was the time to decide which one and oh boy this is a hard decision to make! With hundreds of options to choose from, this took me a long time but in the end, I decided to build a Van's Aircraft RV-8.
The Van's RV-8 is a 2 seat airplane, in a tandem configuration and capable of aerobatic manoeuvres. This fits nicely with what I do 90% of the time that I'm flying.
As many other aircraft builders, I had absolutely no experience building... anything. So my first step was to educate myself. I did attend the amazing Sheet Metal SportAir Workshop organized by EAA in Oshkosh which gave me a good introduction on everything I need to know to get started. To comply with the documentation requirements and to assist my own memory when it's time to do maintenance on my machine I decided to follow other builders steps and write down all my documentation in a blog format. I'll do my best to keep this site up to date and to document all the thousands of decisions I'll have to make during the construction process.
This project will take me years to complete and challenge me in ways I never imagined and I'm definitely looking forward to it!

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